ECHA Microbiology was established over 40 years ago by our Founder, Ted Hill, who at the time launched the business as an independent consultancy.


Since that time, he has seen ECHA evolve into the globally operating company that it is today, and off the back of its incredibly strong knowledge base and years of industry experience, ECHA is today proud to serve as one of the industry leading figures in the world of microbiological and corrosion problems.



Our people have published some 250 academic papers. We are often called upon as experts by research bodies, trade associations and even legal inquiries and court cases. All of this expertise feeds right back into our business – and is available, on tap, to all our customers.



ECHA Microbiology has a heritage of both pioneering research and practical experience. By drawing on these two attributes, we create innovative solutions for our customers.  Our tests enable anyone to quickly and easily conduct assessments which could previously only be conducted by trained microbiologists in a laboratory.

As fuel or oil chemistry evolves, we are forever adapting what we do – to stay ahead of the market and anticipate our customers’ emerging needs.



In the airline sector, for example, where safety and certainty are paramount, we are an IATA strategic partner, and a member of the IATA Technical Fuels Group.  In the sea transportation sector, we are an IMarEST Marine Member.  We have a 40 year track record of successful case studies across several industries, and our accreditations support this.  We are accredited suppliers to the defence, power generation and energy sectors under the Helios Joscar and Achilles UVDP and FPAL schemes.



Our customers depend on us to help them reach the right conclusions.  They rely on our test results, they base significant business decisions on our advice, and they know that if we were ever to get it wrong, microbial contamination could have far-reaching costs and consequences.  As a result, ECHA will only ever formulate advice based on informed decisions, and utilise its deep knowledge base and unique industry experience to do so.



ECHA Microbiology is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 for the provision of consultancy, analytical services and the manufacture and supply of products relating to the problems of microbial contamination, spoilage and corrosion in industry.  Click any of the following links to view our Quality Policy or download our Accreditation Certificate.



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