Test Kits

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The HY-LiTE® system is an instrument based rapid ATP test kit for detecting microbial contamination in fuels and associated waters. Samples are reacted in disposable Fuel Test Pens and read in the meter to detect ATP associated with microbial contamination in less than 10 minutes.

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SigTests®: Sig Sulphide®

Sig Sulphide® is an SRB test kit that detects the presence of bacteria that generate corrosive sulphide, such as Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB), which can cause pitting corrosion, for example in pipelines, tanks and closed water systems.

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Test Kit Accessories

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The Incubator provides a continuous and optimum incubation temperature to allow test kits to produce results at their optimum rate, and is a very portable device that is small enough to be easily transported.

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MicrobMonitor®2 Accessories:

Our range of MicrobMonitor®2 Accessories can provide useful process enhancements for a wide range of your MM2 testing needs.

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Sampling Tools

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Fuel Sampling Bottles:

Our 1 litre fuel sampling bottles are all completely fuel-resistant and sterile, serving as essential sampling tools. Their twin-neck design allows easy removal of any free water in the sample for separate testing.

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Sampling Devices:

We supply all level and bottom sampling devices for fuel tanks and other liquid systems. All sampling equipment we supply is engineered from stainless steel for compatibility, safety, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.

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Grotamar® is widely recognised as one of the most trusted biocide additives on the market for treatment and prevention of microbial contamination in fuels and oils. Available in different forms (known as 71 and 82) this biocide is fast acting and particularly effective in marine and diesel fuels.

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Kathon™ Fuel 15

Kathon™ Fuel 15 is a highly effective biocide additive designed to treat and prevent microbial contamination in fuels. It is however no longer approved for use in aviation fuel, so is restricted to use in middle distillates such as diesel and marine fuel.

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