ECHA’s Scientific Surveyors can conduct sampling and microbiological audits for quality assurance, hygiene checks, or incident investigation.


Service Overview

We are trusted in providing on-site solutions to problems experienced in, among others, the fuel supply, marine, offshore, aviation and power generation industries.  Whether you need routine quality assurance, hygiene checks, incident investigation or assistance in commissioning a new plant, our Scientific Surveyors are ready to attend your site to conduct sampling and microbiological audits.

For over 40 years, ECHA has been trusted to provide comprehensive checks to ensure production facilities and operating platforms, remain free of microbiological problems.  Our services are used by oil majors, ship operators, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, defence agencies and product manufacturers. Our site surveys put our customers in control.

Fuel and Oil Storage, Distribution and Supply

If you manage a fuel terminal or handle large quantities of fuels or oils, we can conduct a full fuel survey of your facilities and practices, recommend or implement a routine testing and monitoring service, help you to analyse results, identify trends and even advise on future controls.   We can conduct regular monitoring in accordance with internal company standard operating procedures to ensure fuel quality is maintained.

We can also assist aviation fuel suppliers in ensuring compliance with the microbial fuel testing stipulations prescribed in JIG and other industry standards. From our experience, it pays to have that expert knowledge onsite when dealing with a commodity like fuel; which in some cases can be a mission-critical asset. Our site surveys provide the support you need, and all of our surveyors are fully equipped with a deep knowledge of fuel quality maintenance, storage tank integrity and best sampling practices.  They have a high level of training and certification enabling them to work safely and independently on a wide range of facilities (including fuel terminals, offshore platforms, dockyards and ships).

Manufacturing and Production

Similarly, we can help manufacturers ensure their production plants always produce products to the highest cleanliness standards, with routine hygiene checks, environmental monitoring, raw material testing, critical control point analysis and cleaning in-process validation.  We have experience working for heavy engineering companies, car component manufacturers, paint producers, rolling mills, aircraft manufacturers, consumer products and medical device manufacturers.

Cargoes and Transportation

We can investigate incidents of suspected cargo contamination by on-board inspection and survey of tanks and assist in identifying root causes and sources of contamination.

Why Use ECHA Site Surveys?

ECHA site surveys will never leave you with an unresolved issue. From the moment we take samples, we will provide you with our expertise and technical support every step of the way. Once your samples have been analysed on-site, or backed up by our professional laboratory, we will ensure you receive clear, and fully impartial advice on appropriate next steps.

We can develop a bespoke service to meet your particular needs – and help detect microbiological contamination before it becomes a problem – bringing you improvements in safety, efficiency and predictability.


Want to know more about our Site Surveys?

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