ECHA Microbiology has been helping organisations to solve their microbiological contamination and microbial corrosion problems for more than 40 years.

With focus on microbiological problems in the air, sea and land transportation and energy sectors, across all we do, we are trusted, innovative, accurate and dependable. By helping our customers understand and avoid the consequences and costs of microbiological contamination, we increase their safety, efficiency and predictability.

We offer consultancy, testing and training services, including site audits, surveys and investigative studies.  Our industrial microbiology laboratory undertakes both routine microbiological analysis and long term research.  We also produce one of the world’s most widely-used microbiological test kits for fuels, MicrobMonitor2, and are trusted by many of the world’s leading producers and users of fuel and oil to develop best practice to help assure the quality of their products.

As an expert team of Microbiologists, we spend all our time solving your problems or engaged in research and development.  We are regarded as leading authorities on the causes and consequences of microbial contamination – as well as the solutions.