For MicrobMonitor®2

"Our personnel have worked with ECHA on developing the IATA guidelines for testing aviation fuel for microbial contamination and consider the MicrobMonitor2 test kit to be ideally suited to this purpose. Lufthansa Technik has used MM2 since its launch in 2002, and uses the product when servicing aircraft. We have found it to be a very trustworthy test method.”

Lufthansa Technik

"We have been supplying MM2 since its launch in 2002 and have never had any issues regarding the performance of the test kit or the quality of service received from ECHA."

MedLab Ltd
United Kingdom

“As MicrobMonitor2 is approved by both Boeing and Airbus, we have adopted it for checking all of our aircraft. The kit can be used by our technicians without special training and always provides us with a clear measure of the condition of our aircraft.”

Air Atlanta Icelandic

"MicrobMonitor2 is a high quality product, complete with excellent back up from a professional Customer Service Department."

Oil Technics Ltd
United Kingdom