For Dip Slides

What type of samples can I test with a Dip Slide?

Dip Slides are designed to absorb a specific amount of aqueous sample (water or water based) sample into the media contained on each paddle of the Dip Slide.  Therefore they are ideal for testing water based liquids.

N.B. If the sample contains any preservative Dip Slides are known to underestimate the number of microbes present.  Therefore if testing a water based fluid that contains a preservative a neutralisation step should be conducted prior to testing.


Can I test Fuel with a Dip Slide?

The manufacturers of Dip Slides do not recommend that they are used to test fuel samples.  Dip Slides work by absorbing water into the media on each slide and thus when testing fuel the amount of sample which will stick or be absorbed by each test slide is variable at best and Dip Slides are likely to underestimate any microbial contamination present.

What is the Shelf Life of Dip Slides

The Expiry date of the Dip Slides will be printed on the end of each batch and they will usually be supplied with at least 6 months of shelf life remaining.


How should I store Dip Slides?

Store in a cool dry place (Optimum 8-15 degrees c).  Do not use slides if there is any sign of microbial growth before opening. Slides remain usable while the agar is smooth and attached to the slide. A small amount of water may collect in the bottom of the tube. This is condensate from the agar and does not affect performance, provided the agar still fills the Dip Slide Paddle.

Will Dip Slides detect corrosion causing Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) ?

Dip Slides will NOT detect SRB.  Use the Sig Sulphide test to detect anaerobic SRB