Our industrial microbiology consultants can assist with incident investigation, expert witness work, problem remediation, best practice development and more.


Support and Microbiological Expertise

ECHA’s highly qualified and experienced industrial microbiology consultants provide a professional service in the manufacturing, engineering, aviation, marine, petroleum and energy sectors. In fact, many leading companies, government bodies and key industry associations have relied on ECHA consultants to provide the expertise they need to ensure efficient and safe operations (including the Energy Institute, IMarEST, IATA, JIG, ASTM International, Marine Safety Forum).

We have specialist expertise in;

  • Microbiological contamination and spoilage of fuels, oils and metal working fluids, including conventional petroleum products, renewables and synthetics.
  • Microbiological contamination and spoilage of finished products and raw materials, during production, transportation, storage, distribution and use. (including paints, cleaning fluids, polymer dispersions and resins).
  • Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) of tanks, pipelines, water systems, structures and machinery.
  • Health issues related to microbial activity in industrial systems.
  • Decontamination, prevention and control strategies for microbial issues in industry.


How ECHA Can Help

We can provide remote support from our office or world-wide site attendance including;.

  • Developing best manufacturing or operating practice to prevent microbiologically related problems.
  • Inspection, diagnosis and route cause analysis of corrosion and contamination incidents.
  • Audit of production facilities, refineries and terminals
  • Risk assessments of microbiological hazards.
  • Expert witness services in relation to microbial contamination and corrosion issues.
  • Recommendations for preservative selection for in-can preservation of finished products.
  • Recommendations for selection and use of biocides and alternative strategies for anti-microbial treatment.

An ECHA consultant can propose a plan of action and walk you through every step of the process.  Plans may include an initial investigation of existing data, on-site inspection, survey by collection of samples from critical points identified by the consultant, through to recommendations and supervision of decontamination.  Wherever you are, our consultants are ready to mobilise at short notice to attend your refinery, terminal, production plant, ship, offshore platform, power station or airport.  Alternatively, you may just want some simple, straight forward technical advice – just pick up the phone, no job is too big or small.  And our consultancy is fully backed up by our laboratory service where necessary.

Our consultancy reports are comprehensive and easy to read with clear prioritisation, enabling easy implementation of our recommendations.  We understand that your requirements may be urgent and we will strive to deliver reports quickly and provide regular updates as projects progress.  Whatever the circumstances, you can trust us to provide advice which is independent, confidential and impartial.


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