Mike Haywood
Sales & Marketing Manager
Mike Haywood

ECHA attends Annual UK MoD AFC Meeting

Once again we were in attendance this year for the UK MoD Aviation Fuels Committee Meeting, hosted by the Energy Institute.

This annual meeting provides those working in the Aviation Fuels sector with a comprehensive understanding of the latest aviation fuel specifications and standards.

The two-day meeting, which was hosted by the Energy Institute on behalf of the Defence Strategic Fuels Authority, provided attendees with key industry updates on aviation fuel specifications, including those for military aviation turbine fuel (Def Stan 91-091), and military aviation gasoline (Def Stan 91-090).

ECHA supports this event due to its keen interest in the latest developments and issues that have an impact on aviation fuel specifications, and see this as an essential meeting for all aviation fuel stakeholders (such as Airframe and Engine OEMs, Refiners, Distribution Companies and Suppliers).

We are proud to be a business that plays a key role in fuel quality related issues within the Aviation Industry, including the Military Aviation Sector, and as such we are always delighted to attend this event in support of the Aviation Fuels Committee (AFC) and the Energy Institute.

We would like to thank the Energy Institute for its continued organisation of this excellent meeting.