For Biocide Rapide™

What is the shelf life of the Biocide Rapide Test

The expiry date of the Biocide Rapide Test will be printed on the exterior of the packaging.  It is manufactured with 1 year shelf life and we try to supply product with a minimum of 6 months remaining.  If you require a longer shelf life than this then please request this at time of order and we endeavour to accommodate your request.

How should I store the Biocide Rapide Tests?

Biocide Rapide Tests should be stored refrigerated between 2-8°C.

Any Tips for doing the testing?

The Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of the antimicrobial in use might be affected either in a synergistic fashion or antagonistic manner by other chemicals in the liquid being tested.  Therefore it is always recommended to conduct a calibration for the antimicrobial being used in a sample of the liquid.

Standardise your test protocol as much as possible:

  • Standardise the time of removal from refrigerated storage before use.  Ensure adequate time is allowed for ampules to reach ambient temperature.
  • Standardise the incubation period for each ampule  at 3 hours and 15 minutes (or a time you have decided on for your testing).
  • Ensure each operator understands what is a positive and negative result and thus avoid subjective operator errors.