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For SigTests®: Sig Rapid WB™

Can I test Fuel with the Sig Rapid WB™ Test

Answer – No.  The Sig Rapid WB™ test is design to detect the levels of microbes typically found in water associated with fuel and is not designed to test fuel directly.  To test a fuel phase sample directly please use the MicrobMonitor2 test.

How fast does the Sig Rapid WB™ test work?

The Sig Rapid WB™ test is an enzyme based test kit and is much faster than culture test methods.  The test will give a result after incubation at 35°C for 1 hour.

Is the Sig Rapid WB™ test sensitive?

The Sig Rapid WB™ test is designed to detect microbial contamination in water phase when active proliferation has begun.  It is not designed to detect the normal background levels of microbes present in water associated with fuel.  Therefore it will not give a strong positive result if microbes are not actively multiplying and growing on the fuel which the water is associated with.

What is the shelf life of the Sig Rapid WB™ test?

The shelf Life of the test is 6 to 12 months dependant on storage conditions.  12 months when stored frozen, 6 months when stored in a cool dark room or refrigerated.