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ECHA Microbiology’s Eco-Friendly Packaging for MicrobMonitor2: A Sustainable Choice

At ECHA Microbiology, we're serious about our environmental impact and committed to preventing pollution and continuously improving our eco-friendly practices. We’ve also listened to feedback from our end-users, particularly within the aviation industry, who have told us how important they consider the use of recycled materials.
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Aviation Industry Poised for Full Recovery in 2024

Global air travel is expected to surpass pre-COVID-19 levels in 2024, with the Asia-Pacific region playing a pivotal role in the industry's resurgence, according to experts. This positive trajectory may mark 2024 as a banner year for airline profits, fuelled by sustained demand.
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ECHA’s Holiday Season Opening Hours

View our opening hours for this Holiday Season.
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Echa Microbiology Extends Distribution Agreement with Leki Aviation to Cover North America

ECHA Microbiology is pleased to announce that we have extended our distribution agreement with Leki Aviation for the commercial airline and MRO sectors to now include the region of North America (USA, Canada, & the Caribbean).
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Leon O'Malley
Laboratory Manager
Leon O’Malley
PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

ECHA Recruits Laboratory Technician

Meet our latest recruit!
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