Laboratory Manager
Leon O’Malley
PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

ECHA exhibits at Closed Water Systems Conference

Our first Water Industry Exhibition of 2017 took place today at the Closed Water Systems Conference in London.

This event, organised by the Water Management Society, provides an important platform for those with an interest in water quality to share their views, opinions and research with a captive audience of industry stakeholders involved with Closed Water Systems.

ECHA attended this annual conference and trade show for the first time today, and was delighted to use this opportunity to formally introduce its key products and services to the companies and delegates in attendance.

There were some excellent presentations made throughout the day, and topics such as Microbially Influenced Corrosion (MIC) and Water Treatment Strategies were of key focus to may of those in attendance.

ECHA has widely broadened both its capabilities and interests over the years through its extensive, ongoing R&D Programme, and is proud to now be serving a number of clients from Building Service Companies and Water Management Companies alike.

The key products on show from ECHA during this event were our SigTests® range: including our Sig Sulphide and Sig Nitrite test kits (for SRB and NRB detection respectively), and the MicrobMonitor AQUA test kit; which was launched back in 2016 for the detection of microbes in Potable, Hot and Recreational Waters (such as Swimming Pools and Spas).

We would like to thank the Water Management Society for their excellent hospitality throughout the day.

Here are some snapshots from the Conference: