Microbial contamination can impact on the safety and quality of a variety of finished products.


In the manufacture of many products, such as paints, polymer dispersions, pharmaceuticals it is critical to control ingress of contamination during production to prevent subsequent contamination.

The increased use of environmentally friendly products with readily biodegradable formulations is desirable to ensure minimal environmental impact.  But these materials can have increased susceptibility to biodeterioration whilst in use, and increasingly stringent regulations have reduced the availability and use of biocides and preservatives to prevent microbial growth.  Careful, validated selection of an effective preservative system can be critical to ensuring safe products which are fit for purpose throughout their shelf life.

ECHA can;

  • Conduct analysis of samples of finished products and raw materials in our laboratory to assess the extent of microbiological contamination and conduct challenge testing (preservative efficacy tests) and validation of cleaning processes and disinfectants. Learn more about our lab analysis service here.
  • Provide on-site microbial Test Kits which can be used on-site or in the laboratory by non-microbiologists for the detection of microbiological contamination in diesel fuel. Learn more about the test here.
  • Conduct surveys and audits of production plants and facilities to ensure safe operations and good manufacturing practices. Learn more about our Site Surveys here.
  • Provide advice on remediation, control, monitoring strategies and best practice, including independent recommendations on preservative selection. Learn more about our Consultancy Services here.
  • Offer comprehensive, tailored training courses on microbiological contamination in manufacturing and in a wide range of industries. Learn more about our Training Courses here.